Patrick Torpey


Pat brings extensive experience in both politics and policy to 1868 Public Affairs. For over 25 years he has played a prominent role in state-wide Republican politics and has served both houses of New Jersey’s legislature as Executive Director of the Assembly Republican Majority Committee, a Senior Research Associate for the Senate Majority, and a Senior Policy Advisor on the Assembly Republican staff.

During his tenure as the Executive Director of both houses of the New Jersey legislature, Pat served as the Senior Research Associate for the Senate Majority and as the Senior Policy Advisor for the Assembly Republican Party. Additionally, he served as a member of both the legislative and congressional redistricting committees from 2000 to 2010. He assisted in the design of a formal redistricting process, provided strategic advice on the creation of districts, and evaluated redistricting plans.

Whether it be promoting legislation establishing the New Jersey Energy Savings Improvement program, advocating for improvements in home health care, or engaging state departments in regulatory matters, Pat consistently has measurable success. In addition to Pat's deep understanding of public policy and real-world politics, he also has the ability to combine this knowledge with a unique set of experience that allows him to contribute to the decision-making process in New Jersey.

In addition, Pat has been involved in nonprofit initiatives for years, channeling time, resources, and expertise toward meaningful causes. By volunteering his time and skills to relevant projects, he has demonstrated his commitment to these efforts beyond financial contributions. Pat strives to make a tangible contribution to society through his involvement and by inspiring others to do the same.

Pat is a graduate of Middlebury College and holds a Master of Government Administration from the Fels School of Government at the University of Pennsylvania. He and his wife Nicole reside in Flemington with their son Liam.